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Achenbach Optimill®

Rolling Mills

Achenbach is recognized worldwide as a specialist in premium rolling mills for flat-rolled products made of aluminum, copper, zinc, and their alloys.

A holistic approach.

We use our own state-of-the-art processes to manufacture all components of key importance to rolling precision and speed. This, along with extensive pre-assembly in our own workshops, ensures the top quality of Achenbach OPTIMILL® Rolling Mills.

It also supports smooth and rapid final assembly and commissioning at the customer site. For each new strip rolling mill or those to be modernized, a holistic approach to perfectly synchronize mechanics, hydraulics, automation, and drive technology in their complex interaction is applied.

The outstanding performance is achieved by automation with Achenbach OPTIROLL®.

The Achenbach OPTIPURE® Media Systems for economically and ecologically efficient exhaust air purification, rolling oil filtration, and rolling oil rectification complement the machinery for an optimum rolling process.

Achenbach rolling mills reliably produce best strip qualities even at maximum rolling speeds, maximum rolling widths, and highest coil weights.

Reproducible quality and consistent link between the machines and systems themselves.

Optimal material flow guarantees the production process without interface losses.

Integrative technology open up the opportunity to design the production process in a holistically optimal way.

Customer requirements can be optimally met with sustainable and forward-looking solutions.

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