Achenbach OPTIPURE® Media systems maximum recovery

Achenbach OPTIPURE®

Media Systems

The Achenbach OPTIPURE® Process and Media Systems offer complete rolling oil management for rolling oil filtration, rolling oil regeneration, rolling oil control, as well as for exhaust air purification together with rolling oil recovery.

A holistic approach.

On the basis of an integrated system philosophy all systems, ecologically and economically optimized, operate in a closed loop. With the expertise in physics and thermodynamics, individual components are continuously further developed.

They are always tailored to the specific operation purpose.

The outstanding performance is achieved by automation with Achenbach OPTIROLL®.

The Achenbach OPTIPURE® Media Systems for economically and ecologically efficient exhaust air purification, rolling oil filtration, and rolling oil rectification complement the machinery for an optimum rolling process.

Achenbach media system guarantees an ecologically and economically optimized production.

Reproducible quality and consistent link between the machines and systems themselves.

Optimal material flow guarantees the production process without interface losses.

Integrative technology open up the opportunity to design the production process in a holistically optimal way.

Customer requirements can be optimally met with sustainable and forward-looking solutions.

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