Achenbach OPTIMILL®
Copper & Brass rolling mills


Copper & Brass Rolling Mills

Achenbach Copper & Brass Rolling Mills reliably produce best strip qualities even at maximum rolling speeds, maximum rolling widths, and highest coil weights.



Strip widths


Rolling speeds


Final rolled thicknesses


Coil weights

A holistic approach.

In the segment rolling mills they are designed as two- or four-high hot rolling mills, in the segments cold strip and thin strip rolling mills as six- or four-high rolling mills, and in the segment of foil rolling mills as six-high rolling mills and thereby always tailored to the specific purpose.

For each new strip rolling mill or those to be modernized, a holistic approach to perfectly synchronize mechanics, hydraulics, automation, and drive technology in their complex interaction is applied.

The outstanding performance is achieved by automation with Achenbach OPTIROLL®.

The Achenbach OPTIPURE® Media Systems for economically and ecologically efficient exhaust air purification, rolling oil filtration, and rolling oil rectification complement the machinery for an optimum rolling process.

There are four types of mill depending on rolling thickness:

  • Two- or four-high hot rolling mill
  • Six- or four-high cold strip rolling mill
  • Six- or four-high thin strip rolling mill
  • Six-high foil rolling mill

  • Highly dynamic, energy-saving AC drive technology for main and coiler motors
  • Achenbach OPTIROLL® i3 System for integrated, digital, modular designed automation
  • Achenbach WIN-SprayS® roll cooling and lubrication system
  • Strip drying system
  • Minimum reversing and coil changes with automatic strip threading systems
  • Achenbach OPTIPURE® Media Systems
  • Fully automatic work roll changes
  • User- and maintenance-friendly modular design

Achenbach Rolling Mills for copper, brass, and zinc usually roll strips as the strating material for a wide range of end products such as:

  • Plug-in connectors, leadframes
  • Wall convering, furnishing accessories
  • Roof and wall panels
  • Battery foils
  • Coins

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