Third Achenbach Foil Rolling Mill for Constantia Teich from Austria

At the end of January, we received an order from our customer Constantia Teich GmbH, Austria, for the delivery of another Achenbach OPTIMILL® Foil Rolling Mill. This new rolling mill will complement the existing rolling line consisting of two rolling stands built in 2005 and 2008. The new rolling mill will be similar in terms of drive power to the machine installed in 2005. This will significantly increase the production capacity of rolled foil at the Mühlhofen site. At the same time, the rolling mill will be equipped with the latest Achenbach technology components. In addition to the rolling mill, an Achenbach OPTIFOIL SepaSlit® film separator was ordered for the first time from Constantia Teich Austria. The extension of the existing Achenbach OPTIPURE AIRPURE® line completes the order scope.

The foil rolling mill will receive, in addition to the already installed and proven features such as the Achenbach FTS foil threading system and Conti Filtration System, an Achenbach UniHeat Curved Hot Edge System, an Achenbach UniSpray® Adaptive Coolant Distribution System, swiveling Energy-Efficient Fume Hood, a Doctor Blade back-up roll scraper system, an Achenbach UniMark Roll Mark Detector, an Achenbach UniRon Ironing Roller System, and an Achenbach UniDry® Strip Blow-off System with auxiliary suction in the run-out device. The scope of supply is extended with the online available system documentation and the electronic spare parts catalog, both accessible at any time via the Achenbach OPTILINK® portal.

When it comes to the work roll changing carriage, we are breaking completely new ground. For the first time, we are using a work roll changing carriage that can retract and extend the inner rails via the changing carriage. This offers the advantage that, in the event of a strip break, there are no material-jamming inner rails in the area of the lower work roll. This reduces the risk of fire and also facilitates cleaning of the mill.

The coil cars will also be equipped with a rack and pinion drive for the first time in a foil rolling mill. The aim is to keep the acceleration and deceleration ramps constant so that the coil change times remain at a consistently high level even after many years of use.

As the line is used mainly for rolling material for the food and pharmaceutical industries, the aspect of mill hygiene is of high importance. For this reason, the nozzle valve bars, the internal hoods of the fume hoods and the splash guard on the outlet side are made of stainless steel.

For the rolling oil cleaning, an Achenbach OPTIPURE SUPERSTACK® II filter is supplied. Included is a CONDUSENS conductivity sensor and a particle measuring device. The fire extinguishing system will also set new standards. It consists of a low-pressure main system and two high-pressure systems, one for the central area and another for the cladding cabinets. The low-pressure system can also be activated from outside the building from a platform with a view of the mill stand by an emergency flooding device.

Included in our scope of supply is a complete Achenbach OPTIROLL® i3 package with a connection to a production control system.

The new rolling mill will be connected to an existing Achenbach OPTIPURE AIRPURE® system. For this purpose, the existing plant will be extended with another scrubber, which already has the capacity to connect a fourth rolling mill.

The Achenbach OPTIFOIL SepaSlit® is characterized by a very high degree of automation. This includes various interfaces to the high-bay warehouse so that, for example, optimum handling of the finished rolls with roller table connection to the high-bay warehouse is possible.

Furthermore, a very large thickness spectrum will be produced on the new slitter, which poses new challenges for the drive technology. In the slitting section, Achenbach was able to convince with the individually driven knife holders with integrated cutting dust extraction. In addition, the surface inspection systems and a fine hole detection system are integrated in the Achenbach machine concept.

The machines will be delivered in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2024 and production is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2025.

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