Internships, thesis and dissertations

Are you a high school student interested in a business or technical career with an international family-owned business? Internships are available in Purchasing, Finance, Service & Support and other departments.

Or are you currently in college and would like to supplement your classroom studies by gaining practical experience? We offer you the opportunity, especially in our Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing departments, to complete a specialized internship or general internship (required for admission to technical degree programs in Germany) at our training facility.

Work on your bachelor's thesis, master's thesis or dissertation while gaining hands-on experience:

Are you on the home stretch and looking to complete your degree in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and electrical engineering/computer science while gaining hands-on experience?

Even if you haven't chosen a specific topic yet, we'd love to hear from you! We'll help you select a topic that is of interest to our company or where we can provide the necessary support. You'll then work with us and your university to make your final decision.

Please contact us!

In case of any questions on vacancies, educational opportunities, dual degree courses as well as traineeships and concluding assignments, please do not hesitate to contact us.