Achenbach OPTIPURE® Process and media systems

Process and media systems from Achenbach offer complete rolling oil management for rolling mills. Achenbach OPTIPURE® filtration and environmental systems from a single source guarantee aligned functions. Their solid construction ensures durability and value. With our expertise in physics and thermodynamics, individual system components are continuously improved and optimized.

Achenbach OPTIPURE® systems follow an integrated system philosophy. They include Achenbach SUPERSTACK® II filters for microfiltration of rolling oil, Achenbach AIRPURE® exhaust air purification systems and Achenbach WOR systems for rolling oil rectification. Consistent observance of the closed looped principle ensures the high process efficiency of the systems. All existing environmental standards are exceeded. In addition, great emphasis is placed on the efficient use of primary energy sources.

All Achenbach OPTIMILL® rolling mills are generally equipped with a Achenbach SUPERSTACK® II filter and production sites often feature an Achenbach AIRPURE® and Achenbach WOR system. All systems are also suitable for retrofitting Achenbach rolling mills or those built by other manufacturers.

Clean oil

The Achenbach SUPERSTACK® II filter removes all particulate process contaminations from the rolling oil whereas the Achenbach WOR system thermally cleans the rolling oil from tramp oils. The rolling oil can be returned to the rolling process in an as-good-as-new quality.

Stable processes

Due to the consistently high rolling oil quality the operating conditions remain constant and the production output will be increased.

Top-quality products

Tramp oils can cause surface problems during annealing of the rolled stock. Released from impurities such defects will be systematically prevented.

Savings in operating media

Recovery of rolling oil and direct re-use in as-good-as-new quality results in substantial savings in consumable costs. When used in combination, Achenbach AIRPURE® and WOR systems lead to a virtually unlimited rolling oil life.

Conservation of resources

Achenbach OPTIPURE® systems not only help to reduce the cost of operating media, from an environmental perspective they also help to sustainably conserve the resources they use.

Pure air

Achenbach AIRPURE® systems keep mill exhaust nearly free of rolling oil residue, far below the legal requirements for environmental protection.