Achenbach UniVap
Draining Unit


Draining Unit

Innovative technology component assuring the quality of the rolling oil distillate.

A holistic approach.

Achenbach ROILPURE® Rectification Systems thermally separate tramp oils from the rolling oil and redirect the rolling oil into the production cycle in as-good-as-new quality.

The UniVap Draining Unit separates water from the rolling oil and guarantees a first-class and constant quality of the rolling oil distillate while securing a consistently high process vacuum.


Achenbach UniVap Draining Unit can be installed in a new mill and retrofitted in existing ones.

At a glance

The Achenbach UniVap Draining Unit is a newly developed technology component for Achenbach Roilpure® Systems for Rolling Oil Rectification. It separates water, which might be in the rolling oil, before being processed and before entering the rectification column. This guarantees first-class quality of the rolling oil distillate while securing a constantly high process vacuum.

The system is integrated in the pipe between the pre-heater and the oil entry of the rectification column.

  • High quality rolling oil distillate and process reliability
  • Improved yield of separated rolling oil
  • Higher efficiency in terms of time and energy

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