Achenbach UniMark
roll mark detection system


UniMark Roll Mark Detection System

Innovative detection system for early detection of work roll surface defects, providing for a significant scrap reduction.

A holistic approach.

When rolling, work roll surface imperfections generate periodical surface defects on the rolled material, which leads to significant losses in material and productivity.

The application of an Achenbach UniMark Roll Mark Detector allows the identification of these deficiencies in the foil surface, minimizing the consumption of resources and reducing waste and emissions.

Achenbach UniMark can be installed in a new mill and retrofitted in existing ones.

At a glance

The Achenbach UniMark Roll Mark Detection System is an automated optical surface system to recognize repetitive surface defects on flat rolled products such as work roll marks and work roll holes.

It consists of an electrically driven guide unit with a traversing sensor head incorporating a homogenous, intense light source (laser). Dedicated photo-sensitive sensor elements generate analogue signals which correlate with the surface structure. These signals are continuously digitized, analyzed and classified by fast analogue-digital converters and high-performance digital signal processing algorithms.

This allows measuring of surface anomalies and evaluating of contrast ratios (defect to-background characteristic).

  • Online detection of repetitive surface defects on flat rolled products such as work roll holes, work roll marks
  • Significant reduction of scrap
  • Higher productivity and efficiency of the rolling process
  • Highest detection efficiency
  • Detection at high exit speeds up to 2500 m/min
  • Positive impact on carbon footprint

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