Conti-Filtration System


Conti-Filtration System

Of key importance for rolling oil micro-filtration systems is the Conti-Filtration System, which is used in rolling oil microfiltration systems.

A holistic approach.

The Achenbach SUPERSTACK® II Rolling Oil Micro-Filtration Systems are used to continuously purify the rolling oil which is required in very high quantities for lubrication and cooling during the rolling process in a closed loop and feed it back into the process in a as good as new quality.

In order not to interrupt the rolling production during the necessary filter cake change after each filter cycle, the new Conti-Filtration-System offers a cost efficient, user friendly and space saving alternative to bridge this service time ideally.

  • Volume flow in units up to 8.000 l/m, combinable to larger modules and useable in parallel operation
  • Variable filtration refinement, independent of the refinement adjusted in the main filter system
  • Automatical switch over system as an option
  • Contamination indicator, optionally integrated in the system visualization
  • Module to be upgraded in Superstack systems and all common horizontal and precoat filters of different origins

At a glance

Usually the rolling mill is stopped during the filter cake change in order to avoid a contamination of the rolling oil cycle and thus, any quality losses of the rolling products. To exactly bridge these down­times it is recommended to install a parallel Conti-Filtration System to perform the microfiltration of the rolling oil during this period and thus increase the productivity of the production machine significantly.

  • Optimal adjustment to the oil volume by using different filter sizes
  • Highest media restistance by production as stainless steel case
  • Differential pressure indicator to monitor the filter state
  • Compact design, therefore less operating and maintenance expense
  • Upgradable everytime
  • Higher filter service life compared to metal candle filters

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