Achenbach CONDUSENS®
Conductivity sensor


Achenbach CONDUSENS® Conductivity sensor

The Achenbach CONDUSENS® is a preventive alarm system that signals the risk of fire by uncontrolled electrostatic discharges and, by constant monitoring the rolling oil quality, controls the filtration process.

A holistic approach.

Achenbach CONDUSENS® monitors the long term stability of the rolling oil used, which in turn is a precondition for stable rolling parameters and an efficient rolling process.


  • Preventive fire protection
  • Continuous monitoring of rolling oil quality
  • Reduction of the antistatic additives used through automated minimum metering (ConduActive antistatic dosing system)
  • Monitoring of filtration efficiency
  • Sensor for optimum filter aids dosing
  • Determination of the reactivity of activated celluloses

At a glance

Achenbach SUPERSTACK® II Rolling Oil Filtration Systems are used to continuously purify the rolling oil required for lubrication and cooling in a closed circuit and return it to the process in as-new quality. In the filtration process, the conductive dirt particles are removed from the rolling oil. This reduces the conductivity of the oil to such an extent that electrostatic charges and discharges can occur in the oil circulation system and in the mill stand, which in turn can cause fires.

The CONDUSENS is a sensor for online measurement of the electrical conductivity of poor conducting liquids: by measuring their conductivity, dielectric constant and temperature, the contamination of the rolling oils used in rolling, the risk of uncontrolled discharges and the resulting fire hazard are continuously determined.

  • Reduction of filter aids consumption
  • Extended filter cycle time
  • Adjustment of oil cleanliness
  • Monitoring "grip" of the rolling oil to increase the useful life of the rolls
  • Guarantee of highest strip quality
  • High measuring accuracy in the pS/m range
  • Excellent resolution of the measurement signal
  • Easy integration into existing automation systems
  • Connection to Achenbach OPTILINK® IoT platform
  • Low maintenance continuous operation
  • Retrofitting possible at any time

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