Electrical Components


Electrical Components

We look forward to receiving your offer to supply us with a full spectrum of electrical engineering, drive technology, and automation products – from individual components and assemblies to complete systems.

Electrics, control, and regulation technology

  • Automation systems for rolling mills
  • Automation systems for foil slitting machines
  • Automation systems for exhaust air purification systems
  • Automation systems for plate filters
  • Transformers

Electric motors

  • Standard squirrel cage induction motors 0.18 - 315 kW
  • DC motors 5 - 2,000 kW
  • Motors for roller and coiler drives 5 - 2,000 kW

Sensor technology

  • Angle encoders
  • Linear measuring systems
  • Proximity switches
  • Thermocouples
  • Level monitoring systems
  • Laser measurement systems
  • Scanners
  • Light grids

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