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Training in business and technical professions for over 100 years and close cooperation with regional educational institutions play a major role in our company. Over 9% of our staff consists of trainees, underscoring our company's commitment to developing a well-trained workforce. Graduates of our training programs earn above-average grades, which is evidence of the high quality of instruction provided by Achenbach. Trainees begin learning such basic principles as motivation, skills, flexibility and teamwork right from the start. Through early involvement in our operational processes, trainees are able to easily transition from training to later permanent employment and gain quick acceptance in their work environment.

The new building of the Campus Buschhütten, into which the industrial apprenticeship moved as part of the Smart Learning Factory Achenbach Buschhütten SLAB at the beginning of 2021, sets a new important milestone.

The focus is on future-oriented learning content in the context of Industry 4.0 as well as new forms of collaboration, which are becoming increasingly important in times of digitalisation. Against this background, the mission statement of the Buschhütten Campus was chosen as the umbrella brand: 'We produce. Future.'

At the Smart Learning Factory Achenbach Buschhütten SLAB you can apply for the following training courses:

  • Industrial technican
  • Cutting machine operator
  • Mechatronics engineers
  • Technical product designer
  • Industrial clerk

Cooperative courses of studies

At Achenbach Buschhütten, as a partner of the University of Siegen, you can also complete a dual curriculum study in two directions:

  • Electrical engineering – automation technology
  • Mechnical engineering – construction technology

The cooperative study partnership between the University of Siegen and Achenbach offers an ideal combination of practice-based training, academic study and financial support.

Cooperative courses of studies combine academic study at a university with practical application of classroom-learned theory in real-life work situations. During the practical portion of the program, you can apply what you learn in class with us. Once you return to the classroom, you'll be able to supplement the skills you learned on the job with theory.

Spontaneous application

Don't see a position that matches your qualifications?

Still feel you'd make a perfect addition to our team? 

We are always looking for motivated and highly qualified candidates who want to contribute their experience and knowledge to our company. Especially in the fields of electrical engineering and installation, we have a steady demand for electrical engineers and technicians as well as industrial engineers who spend several weeks at the customer site commissioning our machines and systems.

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Christina Dobers
Commercial training
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Frank Schuchardt
Industrial training
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Sven Neumann
Technical training
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Dr. Mario Penzkofer
Head of Human Resources
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