Achenbach OPTIPURE AIRPURE® exhaust air purification systems

Achenbach exhaust air purification systems serve for the energy-optimized separation and recovery of rolling oil from the rolling mill exhaust air. They are always tailored to the specific operation purpose. Together with the Achenbach ROILPURE® rectification systems and the Achenbach SUPERSTACK® filtration systems, they handle the entire exhaust air and coolant flow in the rolling process. Following the closed-loop priciple, they operate ecologically as well as economically highly efficient.

The cloud-based platform Achenbach OPTILINK® opens the way to the overall system networking of the various value creation stages and therefore to the optimization of the entire production process.

Typical performances

  • Exhaust air volumes to 400,000 m³/h volume flow
  • Exhaust air pureness: < 35 mgC

Technical features of key importance

  • Flow-optimized, clean counterflow packing scrubber
  • Flow-optimized radial fan
  • Energy-efficient multistage and contamination-resistant distillation column
  • Multi-stage vacuum pump station
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger block
  • Fully automatic machine control with auto start and remote maintenance
  • Exhaust temperature-controlled distillation temperature control