Restoring machinery performance by immediate measures

Achenbach services in this area primarily include:

24-hour serviceline: +49 (0) 2732 799 - 111

Qualified problem-solving with “first aid” service around the clock: expert advice, remote access service, spare parts service and/or onsite service is available for emergencies.


On-demand service, from spontan¬eous assistance in an emergency to spare parts or onsite repair to problem analysis with later repairs.

Spare parts service including:


  • Individual manufacture of spare parts; optional onsite installation by an Achenbach specialist
  • Spare parts repairs, with optional reinstallation
  • Spare parts packages for certain modules and components
  • Delivery of recommended spare parts such as:


    • Standard production parts
    • DIN and standardized parts
    • Pumps, gearboxes, motors
    • Couplings
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic valve
    • Measuring gauges
    • Rollers and bearings
    • Electrical and electronic components
    • Wear parts
    • Force-measuring sensors for tension and pressure
    • Contact, application , backup and pressure rollers
    • Blades, blade holders, grooved bushes and spacing rings
    • Toothed, flat and round belts
    • Winding shafts
    • Media application system components