Increasing machinery performance by upgrade measures

Tailored system and system component upgrades are a highly demanding service. The goal of these mea¬sures goes beyond optimizing current plant performance.

Depending on the complexity of the project, an advance feasibility study may be recommended to explore the possibilities and limits of an upgrade.

The upgrade service is combined with a professional spare parts service to ensure the supply of necessary parts and, if desired, to provide recommendations for intelligent stocking of critical spare parts.

Measures aimed at increasing system performance range from automation technology upgrades to mechanical retrofitting of components.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Upgrade of systems and components

Upgrade project examples

Exhaust air purification: Energy optimization through increased heat recovery

A 25-year-old Achenbach AIRPURE® system was upgraded for the purpose of reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs. The first step was to clean the system thoroughly, which immediately led to a significant reduction in total pressure loss in the airway (30% of the potential reduction). The old heat exchanger block in the distillation system was replaced with a modern unit with much higher heat recovery. As a result, 70% of the possible energy savings were achieved. Overall, this upgrade service resulted in a reduction of system operating costs of around 100,000 € annually.

Roll cooling: Installation of a new coolant distribution system after fire damage

The coolant distribution system in a foil rolling mill had been destroyed by fire. The spare parts necessary for conducting lasting repairs to the nozzle bar were no longer available due to outdated hardware. Therefore, the aim of the service was to conduct temporary repairs to get the mill back up and running as quickly as possible until a new nozzle bar could be manufactured and installed. The successful upgrade was completed with the installation of additional Achenbach OPTIROLL® i3 components.


Control technology: Shear upgrade for copper foil

The goal of the project was to replace the 30-year-old analog control system and thyristors for the seven DC motors powering a shear from another manufacturer with modern systems to reduce the machine's susceptibility to failure and significantly increase its availability. The upgrade service included the complete renovation of the switchgear and control boxes including the main panel and visualization system as well as the renewal of the entire electrical system. By using the latest Siemens components for the PLC (S7), drives (Sinamics DCM) and visualization (MP 377), the ability to quickly procure spare parts in the future was guaranteed. After the successful conversion, the copper foil shear was restored to greater than 98% availability.