MINIPLANT ALF is a compact production plant for aluminum foil. The concept is based on efficient and reliable production technology. It is particularly aimed at those customers who want to begin rolling aluminum foil in limited quantities at the Achenbach level of quality while ensuring a quick return on their investment.


  • Achenbach OPTIMILL® universal aluminum foil rolling mill
  • Achenbach OPTIFOIL® aluminum foil separator/slitter
  • Annealing ovens
  • Universal grinding machine

Typical performances

  • Annual production: < 7,500 t
  • Strip input thicknesses: < 0.3 mm
  • Strip thicknesses: > 0.006 mm
  • Strip widths: < 1,350 mm
  • Finished roll sizes: < 600 x 1,350 mm
  • Building size: approx. 80 x 84 m
  • Land size: approx. 11,000 m²