Achenbach has extensive experience in rolling mill building as well as the continuous development of Achenbach OPTIMILL® hot rolling mill components such as hydraulic setting systems, hot trimming shears and compression frameworks as well as adaptive pass schedules.

Typical performances

  • Strip width: 2,800 mm
  • Final rolled thickness: 2,5 mm
  • Rolling speed: 800 m/min
  • Coil weight: 35,000 kg


Achenbach offers the following types of hot rolling mills:

  • Single-stand reversing hot rolling mills for smaller strip production volumes and two- and four-high sheet production
  • Hot rolling lines with single-stand reversing roughing mills and finishing mills for medium production volumes in two- and four-high design
  • Hot rolling lines with single-stand reversing roughing mills and multi-stand tandem finishing mills for large production volumes in four-high design

Each Achenbach OPTIMILL® hot rolling mill follows an integrative approach in which mechanical, automation and drive technology are optimally aligned. Achenbach hot rolling mills thus guarantee top-quality hot strip production with a high degree of efficiency and flexibility.

Special advantages at a glance

  • Energy-saving AC drive technology for main and coiler motors
  • Achenbach OPTIROLL® rolling mill automation
  • Achenbach process models
  • Hydraulic electromechanical roll adjustment
  • Achenbach WIN-SprayS® roll cooling and lubrication system
  • Axial work roll displacement in four-high rolling mills
  • Efficient roll buffs
  • Hot strip trimming shears

Typical Products

Achenbach Hot Rolling Mills roll aluminium sheets and coils as the starting material for all aluminium cold rolling processes respectively for end products such as:

  • Shipbuilding plates
  • Structural elements for the aerospace industry
  • Railway plates