Modernization projects range from small retrofits consisting of system or component upgrades as part of Achenbach service and support to full-scale modernization (including systems built by other manufacturers) and complex modernization of complete production facilities. Modernization and upgrades of MIDI slitting and winding machines to Achenbach OPTIFOIL® standards are also offered.
The first requirement is a clearly defined objective upon which a custom concept can be designed and implemented.

The success of a modernization project ultimately depends on the experience of the installation builder and its advanced technology. Achenbach has both. Setting the course in modernization projects are those that combine automation, mechanical and drive components as part of an integrated technology approach.

Exemplary modernization projects

Modernization of an old rolling mill from another manufacturer for automotive industry certification

The focus was on improving the quality of the rolled aluminum strip. This was achieved through a comprehensive mechanical and automation engineering-based  modification. To greatly increase productivity, an automatic coil transport system was simultaneously installed. The mill has been efficiently producing high-quality aluminum strip for many years now to the customer's full satisfaction.

Recommissioning and modernization of a decommissioned aluminum foil production plant built by another manufacturer

In addition to the recommissioning, the project also focused on achieving high foil quality while increasing productivity. Six rolling mills and several slitters as well as a number of auxiliary systems were also successfully repaired and modernized.

Gradual modernization of a 50-year-old foil rolling line

Six old Achenbach OPTIMILL® foil rolling mills, still in operation after 50 years, were completely modernized a few years ago with new drive and automation technology; a particular challenge was trying not to disturb ongoing production as much as possible.

Automation retrofitting of an aluminum hot rolling mill built by another manufacturer with Level II hot rolling models

After a very quick conversion process, the system was able to respond automatically to changing conditions such as downtime or modified oven cycles and achieve consistent results in terms of strip profile, strip thickness and strip temperature over time.

Conversion of an aluminum strip rolling mill for an expanded product mix

In one ongoing modernization project involving major mechanical and automation technology-upgrades to an aluminum strip rolling mill, increasing flexibility is the goal. In the future, the customer seeks to efficiently produce thinner, premium quality strips for an expanded product mix.

Modernization of a production plant with exhaust air purification technology

A complete production installation was recently retrofitted with an Achenbach AIRPURE® exhaust air purification system to meet both efficiency and environmental standards. The new system purifies the exhaust air from three foil rolling mills and two cold rolling mills and the rolling oil is recycled back into the process.

Modernization of a copper foil slitting machine from another manufacturer with automation technology

The mill's control technology was brought up to Achenbach OPTIFOIL® standards to the full satisfaction of the customer. 

Mechanical modernization of a 30-year-old copper & brass thin strip rolling mill

The focus was on improving the quality of the rolled strips. Simultaneous mechanical adjustments also increased productivity.

Relocation of an aluminum foil separator

A separator from 1988 built by another manufacturer was dismantled in Spain, successfully repaired in India and then recommissioned. Today it runs alongside an Achenbach foil rolling mill producing aluminum foil for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Modernization of a slitter for converting material

This full-scale modernization project involved the replacement of the entire electrical and drive control system as well as the commissioning of a slitter for converting material.

Emergency assistance after fire damage

Achenbach provided emergency assistance when fire caused extensive damage to a foil rolling mill, necessitating the removal of the central part and roll units. Within a short time, the mill was completely serviced and production was resumed.

Special advantages of modernization made by Achenbach

  • Technological leadership
  • Worldwide references
  • Established cooperation with first-class partners
  • Professional network-based project management
  • 125 years of experience in machine and plant construction
  • In-house manufacturing and assembly