Let´s make things!

Every spring, the third classes from the local primary school pays a visit to an Achenbach department. There, the children learn straight from the experts about aluminum, its qualities and the processes it undergoes. “I can't believe how thin aluminum foil is!” marvels Albanita. Achenbach team members explain, for example, how a rolling mill is preassembled in the assembly hall or a foil slitting machine is commissioned in the presence of the customer. The group of inquisitive youngsters even get a chance to make something by hand in the training workshop. Along with a healthy breakfast, the children are given age-appropriate information about the company and region, which is inextricably linked to the 560-year history of Achenbach. At the end of the day, the kids get a chance to demonstrate everything they've learned in a final quiz, with prizes given to the top scorers. “I was amazed at how perfectly some of the children were able to draw an iron mill like the old Busch foundry,” recounts program initiator Dr. Gabriele Barten following the latest visit by the children. “This year, like every year, the quiz showed just how well-prepared the kids are at the school and we were all blown away by their enthusiasm.”

It's a friendship that creates knowledge!