Corporate culture in this context means something different. Achenbachs' involvement with the Apollo Theatre in Siegen and its biannual festival shows how important it is to the company to go beyond its contributions to the local manufacturing economy and actively support the arts in the Siegerland region.

This involvement goes beyond traditional sponsorship. It's not unusual, for example, for children of Achenbach employees to find a raffle ticket in their St. Nicholas Day gingerbread pastries, giving them a chance to win tickets to a show at the Apollo Theater – not to mention a surprise visit to Achenbach by Pippi Longstocking or the Gingerbread Man.

Why is a global engineering company like Achenbach such a strong supporter of the theater? “It's really simple,” says Dr. Gabriele Barten. “Achenbach kids find it fun, and the parents support it. After all, kids learn with their hands before they learn with their minds. This is where the theater fulfills an important educational mission that cannot be replaced by media or computers, as vital as these tools are.”

Therefore, this type of sponsorship, which goes beyond simple funding, is not a new interpretation of the Achenbach culture but an integral part of it, a philosophy followed by three or four generations of Achenbach employees.