Sustainability by commitment

New Achenbach machinery create jobs, while the modernization of old machinery secures jobs and improves working conditions.

Conserving resources at all levels

Achenbach made improving the energy and resource efficiency of its rolling mills and foil slitting machines a focus of its R&D work many years ago, with many of its development projects sponsored by the German Ministry of Economics. One of the ways in which the efficiency of Achenbach machinery was increased was by recovering braking energy to reduce power consumption. Achenbach also relies on isothermal rolling processes, optimum roller and bearing cooling and precisely controlled rolling oil filtration, minimized hall air emissions and residue-free recycling of rolling oil vapors to increase the efficiency of Achenbach mills and its filtration and exhaust air purification systems, both in terms of energy consumption and the use of other resources.

Supporting sustainable development

We support sustainable development through a business philosophy rooted in our belief in the importance of not only meeting the needs and expectations of present generations with our current products but also ensuring the future of generations to come through continuous innovation. In the case of non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper and aluminum in particular, the name of the game is “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Unlike many other materials, these resources can be 100% recycled with virtually no downgrading of their future reusability.

The concept of sustainability

Development can be described as sustainable if it has the capacity to meet the needs of the present generation without threatening the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

The concept of sustainability originated with former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland (1987), who was appointed by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development to identify long-term prospects for a development policy that was also environmentally friendly.

Today, the concept of sustainability involves a general call to act in ways that are more mindful of the needs of both current and future generations while respecting the planet and its limited resources.