Corporate culture by tradition

Supporting external relationships

Our passion for the fascinating world of rolling mill and foil slitting technology, our competitive drive in the world market and team spirit in our collaborations are external signs of the strong corporate culture at Achenbach. They are the soft facts behind our success and provide not only product advantages but also future security.

Supporting internal relationships

Internally, the strength of our corporate culture is our commitment to deepening the sense of trust in the organization, one that promotes respect for other ways of thinking, fosters interest in differing points of view, promotes fairness toward colleagues who contribute ideas, provides the courage to share one's knowledge and creates a willingness to help in areas both big and small.

As in a family, the staff at Achenbach are not only valued as performers of essential functions, they are respected as people. This “culture of interaction” is evident in the many initiatives launched by the staff and in the popularity of employee events.

  • St. Nicholas celebration in the Ernst Barten hall: For almost 60 years, the employee council and the management have held a large St. Nicholas Day celebration for its young staff and their children on the second Saturday before Christmas.
  • Christmas party in the assembly hall: On the last workday of the year, the staff gathers among the preassembled systems in the production hall to ring in the holidays in a relaxed environment with light entertainment and delicious food.
  • Achenbach Journal: Once a year, the company publishes the Achenbach Journal, in which staff members share words and images from installation projects in faraway lands, introduce new projects and customers, report on the latest news from the departments, write poems about internal events or even explain Achenbach technology to non-technies.
  • Sports initiatives: As many other regional companies, Achenbach has been participating in the 'AOK Firmenlauf' in Siegen with a team of up to 85 runners every year since the beginning. The respective fitness is exercised throughout the year within the 'Achenbach Lauftreff', a weekly meeting of the team runners.
  • The 'AchenBäcker': The Achenbach commercial and industrial trainees are a unique and fantastic team, which is proved by some self-initiated and jointly performed charity campaigns such as cake and sausage sale of the so-called 'AchenBäcker'. These campaigns are particularly dear to them, and the entire revenues are donated to social institutions or regional projects.
  • Mum and Dad meet Santa:"...and we will return next year", with these words many of the Achenbach kids commented the long pre-Christmas Saturday morning they spent with games, handicrafts and a lot of fun at Achenbach, so that their parents had some time off to buy presents. An initiative of the future, as everyone - both large and small - had a lot of fun.

The concept of corporate culture

“Visible” standards (guiding principles for action) and “invisible” values (a feeling of what is desirable), which can only be conceptually separated, together define the culture of a company as a “collective programming of the mind”. This company-wide programming guides all actions and behavior in the business and manifests itself in a particular interpretation of the world (“sensemaking”) balanced against a willingness to help (“sensegiving”).

The culture of a company is characterized by its specific historical patterns of thought, beliefs, behavioral norms, structures, potential and resources as well as its internal and external relationships. This set of emotionally developed, behavior-defining values and the cognitive, action-guiding wealth of knowledge that characterizes a company together serve as selective filters for decisions and behavior.