Achenbach is a global provider of non-ferrous metal rolling mills and foil slitting machines for the non-ferrous metal and finishing industry. Achenbach machinery and equipment are used in production in around 60 countries around the world.

Achenbach is a strong brand in the market for rolling mills for aluminum, copper, zinc and their alloys and is recognized worldwide for its high quality machines and equipment. It is the global market leader for Achenbach OPTIMILL® aluminum thin strip and foil rolling mills, rolling mill automation and rolling oil microfiltration systems.

Achenbach is also known worldwide for its Achenbach OPTIFOIL® brand, which includes foil slitting machines, essentially doublers, separators and slitters for aluminum foil and slitters for monolayer films and laminates.


Our philosophy, Technology for Future Concepts, reflects the Achenbach standard for general development work as well as specialized machine and system design.

  • Achenbach has the technological know-how to convert its customers' ideas regarding premium rolling and slitting products into ultramodern, custom-tailored system solutions.
  • Our goal is to give the customer the ability to secure its future by maximizing its sales potential through excellent equipment.

Our philosophy reflects the very standards it sets – it is both a path and a destination.


Achenbach delivers three core messages to its customers:

We are the Specialists
As part of a focused differentiation strategy, Achenbach specializes in the construction of non-ferrous metal rolling mills and foil slitting machines for non-ferrous metals and coated films and is the world leader in some market segments. As a specialist, each machine and installation is built in close cooperation with the customer to ensure that its needs and desires are met as much as possible. A strict condition is that the globally recognized Achenbach quality standard is always upheld.

We are Leaders in technology and quality
We adopt a consistent, integrative approach in using the latest technology to construct and continuously develop our rolling mills and foil slitting machines. Customers benefit from synergy effects that result in significant optimization of the production process. This is complemented by best practices in construction and manufacturing, energy-saving and emission-minimizing design and pre-assembly in our own workshops to ensure timely installation and commissioning on site.

We are your Partner
Achenbach doesn't just deliver premium machines and installations. With top-quality service and expert advice, we provide trusted, long-term support to the customer to guarantee maximum availability over the entire operating life of the installation. Achenbach stands for a culture of commitment, credibility and support.

The Achenbach brand

The Achenbach brand generally stands for the following product benefits:

  • high reliability thanks to top-quality individual components
  • premium measurement and control components
  • energy-saving, emission-minimizing engineering
  • high user- and maintenance-friendliness thanks to modular design
  • maximum machine availability through online fault diagnosis
  • in-house production, pre-assembly and commissioning
  • 24-hour service and support