Courses of training

Already a high school graduate? With professional training at Achenbach, you can invest in your future.

During training, Achenbach will optimally and individually prepare you for your future career path. As an IHK-certified training company, we run our own training facility and have been training business and technical professionals for over 100 years. Over 8% of our staff consists of trainees, underscoring our company's commitment to developing a well-trained workforce. Graduates of our training programs earn above-average grades, which is evidence of the high quality of instruction provided by Achenbach.
Trainees begin learning such basic principles as motivation, skills, flexibility and teamwork right from the start. Through early involvement in our operational processes, trainees are able to easily transition from training to later permanent employment and gain quick acceptance in their work environment.

Onsite classroom instruction, tours of the manufacturing plant and special seminars enhance and deepen the skills acquired during on-the-job training, thus blending theory and practice to the trainee's advantage.

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In case of any questions on vacancies, educational opportunities, dual degree courses as well as traineeships and concluding assignments, please do not hesitate to contact us.